About this site

All too often, even within Canada, the only Canadians we hear about are those who have become internationally famous. The musicians, the hockey players, the comedians.

This is my tribute to the Canadians we don't hear about as well as the ones we do; to those who have made this country what it is; to those who have made an impact on the world with their inventions and their groundbreaking achievements; and to those who are just plain interesting.

I'm not an historian; this is purely a labour of love. To the best of my knowledge however, all information contained on this site is accurate. Most pages have a "sources include" section at the bottom but the important word there is "include". I checked many different resources and, generally, only added details that were confirmed from more than one source. Corrections, updates, and extra information are always welcome.

This is a work in progress and I'm not even close to finished. Feel free to suggest someone that you think should be included here but keep these things in mind:

  • * I still have a huge list of people I'm researching.

  • * Whether or not to include a suggestion is entirely up to me.

  • * I'm not planning to add Shania, Celine, Gretzky, or any of the other world famous Canadians at this point. Maybe later.