(C) indicates a Canadian first
(I) indicates an international first by a Canadian

Aboriginal actor to portray a Native American on TV (I)
Aerial manhunt (C)
Airmail service to the Arctic (C)
Airmail to Northwest Territories (C)
Astronaut in space (C)
Astronaut in space, female (C)
Basketball referee, NCAA (C)
Batting champion, AAGPBL (I)
Bowling alley, tenpin (C)
Chess grandmaster (I)
Climber to scale the Seven Summits (I)
Combat soldier, female (C)
Drafter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (I)
Flag seamstress (C)
Flight along the Arctic coastline, over the Barren Lands, full length of Mackenzie River (C)
Four golds at the Commonwealth Games, female (I)
Hockey superstar (I)
Hydraulic lift lock, highest (I)
Japanese settler (C)
Judge, federally appointed, female (C)
King's Counsel, female (I)
Major chief to refuse to sign Treaty No. Six (C)
Mayor, black female (I)
Movie filmed in an Aboriginal language (C)
Movie star (I)
Neurologist in space (I)
Olympic gold (C)
Olympic gold, while competing for Canada (C)
Ontario Court of Appeal, female judge (C)
Police officer, black (C)
Police officer, female (C)
Reporter in the world to learn of the Titanic disaster (I)
Supreme Court, female justice (C)
Supreme Court, female to argue a case (C)
Surgeon, female (C)

Last updated 19 May 2007.